How Does It Work?

This project is a multi-component intervention designed based on up to date motivation and exercise research. The program is 6 weeks long and is designed to be completed online – on your schedule. Here are some of the components included in the program to help you achieve your exercise goals:

  • Totally Free! – Let exercise researchers and professionals help you accomplish your goals at no cost!
  • Bring a Friend – This program is open to all so share this with your friend, relative or preferred exercise partner so they can join too.
  • Easy to Learn – Learn the program and its components via a simple orientation video or, if you wish, attend a face-to-face orientation on UCF’s Main Campus in Orlando
  • Meet Others Like Yourself – Interact with fellow exercisers on a social media page dedicated to your exercise group – share your experiences, learn from others or find an exercise partner.
  • Set Your Exercise Goals – Get help setting goals that are right for you and your fitness level; work your way toward the activity level recommended by the CDC over time
  • Choose Your Own Exercise – Choose physically active tasks that you enjoy and that you can best integrate into your schedule. Try kayaking or hiking if you hate the treadmill!
  • Learn More About Exercise – Ask your questions about exercise to certified exercise professionals and enjoy regular informative exercise posts to improve your knowledge.
  • Track Your Progress – Use a smart-phone optimized survey to log your workouts and receive an individualized feedback report at the end of each week to see how you’re doing.
  • See the Effects of Your Exercise – The impact of physical fitness is far-reaching; see how much your exercise is improving your mood, affect and other aspects of your life.

These are the main components of the program which is designed to be easy to use and adaptable enough to work with whatever type of exercise you enjoy on your schedule. That said, we understand that you still may have questions that you want answered before signing up – feel free to contact Brandon Sholar, ask your questions and he will be glad to contact you via email or, if you prefer, via telephone (if you prefer to be called back, make sure to provide your number and a desired call-back time).